Proof of Life Certificates

If you receive a pension from an overseas organisation, the organisation is likely to ask you to provide proof that you are alive - usually on an annual basis.

The overseas organisation will usually provide you with their standard form and ask that this form is signed by a notary public in England who will testify to the fact that you are actually alive. This is commonly referred to as a Proof of Live Certificate, Certificate of Existence, Letter of Existence or Life Certificate

This is of course a measure taken by overseas organisations to ensure that families do not continue to claim pensions after the pensioner has died. So although it may sound a strange request, it is an important part of pension providers fraud prevention process.

Helping clients prove that they are alive for the purpose of an foreign pensions is something that a notary is commonly asked to do and I will be happy to assist you with this. If you require a notary in Cheshire or North Wales to provide proof that you are alive, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help.

In order to notarise the proof of life/ proof of living document I must be able to verify your identity. I will therefore need to meet you in person and will also need to see original identification documentation.

Please contact me on 01244 470339 or at and will be happy to provide you with a quote and arrange an appointment.

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